Thoughts on the EOS 100D

I just had the opportunity to play ’round with a Canon EOS 100D.

Doing so, I noticed a few things which I’d like to mention here;

  • It has few movie encoding options:
    Available options are 1080p25, 1080p24, 720p50 and 480p. I miss the 720p2[45] encoding, as well as the ability to choose between different compression-rates. (Which I have on my 6D)
  • The Camera actually focuses whilst filming.
    They call it ‘Hybrid CMOS AFII’. I’ve missed this on every other DLSR I’ve been filming with. It wont help you with fast moving things, tough, since it’s contrast-based focusing (=slow). For static things it seemed to work pretty well.
  • It has only one page of C-functions
    Which means it misses some of the options I like to have, namely how to behave when the AF-System fails.
  • The built in flash seems to be a ‘Single power’-thing
    No surprise here, but worth mentioning. Means you’ll still need a EX Flash for distant and very close things.
  • The viewfinder is small.
    This is of course in the specs. Still I was surprised. (I’m just used to the Large viewfinders of the single-digit series.)
  • Its extremely lightweight.
    Holding a 300mm-6D-EX600 rig in the other hand, the 100D with the kit EF-S seemed like a ball of wool. On it’s own it felt like 200g or so. (Specs say 400g for the body. Either way, relatively weightless)
    (This can be great, but it also means lots of plastic parts..)
  • It’s small.
    Like the similarly priced Nikons (say a D3000) the grip is really small. (It just about fits my middle and ring finger)
    If you have small hands that’s great, if not it can be quite a annoyance..

Besides that, the camera took great pictures. If you like touch screens; the one in the 100D seems to work quite well.

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