Canon iP7250 under Linux

I’ve got myself a new Printer, a Canon PIXMA iP7250.

I had some problems getting it to run under my Debian testing setup; This is what I had to do:

  • Use the driver provided by Canon.
    It’s 3 Years old, but the backend it provides seems to work better than the Foomatic/Gutenprint one.
  • Use the .icc files provided in the Apple driver package.
    When using Software that utilizes littlecms (eg. Digikam) you’ll want to use one of these, since otherwise you colors will be very yellowish. (or mine where, anyway).
    (I tested all of them, and hardly noticed any difference. Personally, I use MP2)
    I’ve zipped them up here:  canon_iP7200_series_icc_files

This setup works, but it’s not quite perfect; The resolution seems to be limited at (600dpi)**2, and I’m having problems with paper sizes/print ranges other than borderless. (eg. when leaving frames around images)

If you have a Mac in your house you might want to connect the printer to that and then share it over the network, since the OSX driver seems to be way better maintained. (Remember, Darwin (OSX) and most Linux distros use the same printing back end, CUPS)

Oh, and if you happen to find the current Canon CUPS back end in the .dmg, please let me know!


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