Building a AUX and USB Adapter for Nissan Connect

I’ve decided to add a DSP to the AUX input of my cars radio.

I have a 2012 Nissan NV200 with a Bosch-made Nissan Connect radio. That radio has a combined 8-pin plug for USB and Aux.

On the internet you can find various adapters from 8pin to RCA+USB, however those all have the wrong gender. They’re made to connect a radio with generic Inputs to a Nissan wiring-harness. However, I needed a adapter to connect an Nissan/Bosch radio to a generic wiring-harness.

After searching for days, I decided to build my own adapter. The connector used is called Hirose GT17. You can get it at Mouser. The connector has to be ordered in parts, here’s a list:

I recommend ordering spares.

To build the Adapter, I used a old insert-cable from Thomann and a USB-extension cable I had laying around.

The pinout can be deduced from the Hirose to 3.5+USB adapter found between the seats.

  • 1 USB GND Black
  • 2 USB – White
  • 3 USB + Green
  • 4 USB VCC Red
  • 5 Left Hot (+)
  • 6 Right Hot (+)
  • 7 SUM Cold (Audio GND )
  • 8 Shield (USB)

Because I had broken said adapter a while back, I decided to not use the built-in USB plug. However, you of course could just build a T-shaped adapter. See the GT17 datasheet for the parts you’d need.